The Economic Society of Australia (NSW Branch) invites you to ACE 2017 the 46th Australian Conference of Economists. Our theme this year is “Economics for Better Lives” and sessions will consider issues such as inequality and poverty, financial regulation, taxation reform, education reform, the economics of mental health, utility regulation, transport economics, infrastructure, regional trade agreements, international migration flows, international aid and development, the role of behavioral economics the economics of populism, and macroeconomics in a low interest rate world. We are planning a special session on professional ethics for economists, and the future of the profession.

This is the premier Australian conference for economists in universities, public policy, business and finance. Each year we welcome many overseas economists including this year’s keynote speakers Carol Graham and Kip Viscusi. Generations of young economists and students have presented papers and connected with others at the conference, launching their careers. Our policy panels with distinguished academic and government economists have introduced new ideas and shaped public policy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our conference in Sydney in July 2017.

Paul Oslington
Professor of Economics and Dean of Business, Alphacrucis College
Chair of the ACE2017 Organising Committee


Professor Paul Oslington (Chair) – Alphacrucis College, Sydney
David Fair –  Ironstone Capital (Treasurer)
Dr Richard Tooth – Sapere Research Group
Associate Professor Gigi Foster – UNSW
Professor Lisa Magnani – Macquarie University
Professor Peter Abelson –  Applied Economics
Atsushi  Yamamoto – NSW Treasury
Dr Danielle Merrett –  University of Sydney
Juliana Weingaertner – NSW Treasury
Robert Smith   – Economic Society
Associate Professor Ed Wilson – University of Wollongong





Carol Graham
Leo Pasvolsky Senior Fellow,
The Brookings Institution
College Park Professor,
University of Maryland


Professor W Kip Viscusi
Distinguished Professor of Law, Economics and Management
Vanderbilt University Law School



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